Sunday, 11 October 2009

Steve "hates paleo"

My 6-year-old daughter has just told me that she "hates paleo". She misses toast with her scrambled eggs and I think she's worried about what we'll eat at her Hallowe'en party. I think she's also really missing pasta.

But she does like things as well: like the fact that she now squeezes her own orange juice straight from the orange, the fact that we have a much wider selection of fruit (bananas are her favourite), and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I'm not being too dogmatic with the kids. My husband and I are doing fairly strict paleo apart from still eating cheese and drinking beer, but I'm trying to ease the kids in gently. They get a choice in the morning - either whatever egg/fish I'm having that day, or their pre-paloe standard porridge with honey. They choose porridge about 50% of the time. Steve has a school lunch and the lobster has meat and vegetable stew for lunch (more on this another time) and they have tea with us, generally meat/fish, veg and some sort of sauce. This is all topped up with liberal applications of fruit.

To give you an idea of the kids' diets, here's what they had today; it's a weekend so slightly non-standard.

Scrambled eggs with parma ham
Grapes and raisins
Freshly squeezed OJ including the pith

Tuna mayonnaise with sweetcorn and carrot sticks
A bit of Gouda

Thai red chicken curry with babycorn, mangetout and cauliflower

I actually think, despite what Steve said, that they're enjoying it (with one caveat - they both keep on asking for pasta). I think she's worrying about the party. I'm worrying about it too!

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