Friday, 2 October 2009

Paleo breakfast!

The one meal I've been chickening out of tackling the paleo way is breakfast. There's something about first thing in the morning that makes me want sweet stuff in a way that I don't the rest of the day. I've been having Oatiflakes with skimmed milk and Splenda so far, but this is the week for a change. I've decided that the most palatable thing for me in the morning is smoked fish so I've stocked up.

So this morning I had that most English of breakfasts - kippers! Hadn't had them since I was a child. I remembered them as being full of bones, and of course they are, but so small you can just eat them. They were tasty but really shockingly salty, and also very filling - the packet in the picture contained two and I struggled to finish them. The kids helped me, though, they loved them. Next time I'll just have one. Must try different brands to see if I can reduce the saltiness, or could I maybe rinse them? Or is that just part of what kippers are?

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