Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lack of hunger

I have always been one for snacking in front of the telly at night - a bag of crisps, maybe a chocolate bar - and so when we went paleo I made sure I laid in some paleo snacks, such as fish pate. I imagined myself sitting in front of the telly dipping sticks of celery in the pot.

But it hasn't turned out like that, and I've been feeding the fish pate to the kids to get it eaten up. Last night we had the Thai chicken curry. I didn't particularly have a larger portion of chicken than I would have previously, but I did have a lot more veggies. No rice though, so I think on balance the total volume eaten was the same or a bit less than an ordinary person would have.

Well, at 9.30pm, I was about to sit down in front of the telly and automatically wondered about having a snack. Then I realised that I was so full that I really, really didn't want one.

So it just goes to show - you really do eat less but feel fuller doing paleo!

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