Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cheese for lunch

Disaster! The soup man wasn't there today. So what's a paleo gal to do? On campus there is only the Spar, so that's where I headed. Bought a packet of Parma ham and some Leerdammer sliced cheese. Cheese is by no means paleo, but this was an emergency and it's much, much better than bread or crisps!

So I ate three slices of Leerdammer and three slices of Parma ham at 1pm. At 3.30pm I cycled home and noted that I felt really, really full... Lasted until teatime and to be honest, I only ate dinner because I was putting it on the table for the family. It's so novel, eating delicious food that's really satisfying over a long time. Why didn't I discover this before?

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