Friday, 2 October 2009

Kids for tea

So what do you do when your kids have friends over for tea? How do you provide an unknown child with something they will probably like without resorting to beige foods? In the past our staple friends-to-tea meal has been fish fingers and chips. Obviously that's now a thing of the past. But while my kids might be happy to eat, say, fresh tuna with broccoli and carrots, their friends might completely refuse and then there would be the humiliation of telling the collecting parent that they hadn't eaten anything.

We had one of my daughter's friends over for tea tonight - a six-year-old girl - and I gave them sausages (M&S premium, wheat- and gluten-free) with mini corn on the cobs. Every last morsel was eaten and nobody commented on the lack of chips. For pudding we had lots of different types of fruit which also went down well. However some kids don't like fruit... I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. And as for the vegetarians... scrambled egg? Help!

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