Friday, 9 October 2009

Crazy coeliac family

I've already told you that my son, the lobster, has coeliac disease. He's nearly 3 and it was diagnosed about a year ago. I haven't eaten wheat for 10 years after developing a severe intolerance and my husband gave up gluten a couple of years ago for similar reasons. My father, who is nearly 70, gave up wheat a couple of years ago and has seen a big improvement in health.

So that just left my daughter, commonly known as Steve. She's 6 and had never had any problems with wheat or gluten. But.... but.... she's started complaining of a bad tum, and the doc has told us to try taking her off gluten to see if it improves. Poor little thing, she's very upset about it.

At the moment she's eating paleo at home but having a free rein at school, where she typically chooses things like fish fingers or pasta for lunch. If she does prove to be gluten-intolerant, it'll have to be packed lunches. I knew this was coming with the lobster, but thought it was years away. I'm going to have to do some pretty hard thinking about gluten-free, paleo sandwich substitutes. Any ideas welcome!

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