Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A quick and easy (and cheap!) paleo dinner

Sometimes you need a quick meal, and it's tempting to reach for the ready meals and convenience foods. But the beauty of paleo is that you can create a wonderfully healthy, tasty meal with no trouble - as long as you've got the right stuff in the fridge. That's the trick.

Take this meal. Wednesdays are a rat race because both kids have to be picked up from different places and my husband and I are both at work. So we need something hot on the table pretty much as soon as we get home. The above meal is the perfect solution.

My husband gets in from work and puts the chicken in the oven - free range thighs and drumsticks, which Tesco does for less than £3 for enough for four. He just puts salt, pepper and oil on and bangs them in. Then he comes to pick me up, then the kids - a 40 min round trip. When we get home the chicken is done, so we toss a salad in pesto dressing and tuck in. Seeing the lobster gnawing on a chicken leg warms the cockles of my heart.

If you wanted to do it in 5 mins instead of 40, just buy ready-cooked chicken from M&S and grill for 5 mins. With the oven method, be warned - don't use breast meat, which will be terribly dry after 40 mins. The cheaper, fattier cuts, on the other hand, will be perfect.

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