Monday, 5 October 2009

More fish for breakfast

"When can we have porridge?" wails my daughter on being presented with a plate of cold hard-boiled eggs and smoked haddock. She didn't like it much, although the lobster chomped it up no problem. Actually it wasn't that nice; I followed the instructions on the packet and baked the fish, but it ended up horribly dry. Next time will poach it.

I thought this egg/fish combination would be like kedgeree but without the rice; but it wasn't anything like as nice. Maybe I should have poached both the fish and the egg? Anyway, so far the best egg/fish combo is scrambled eggs with smoked salmon (on the side, not cooked in). Mmmm.

My husband is still eating porridge. He can't keep up with me; I've been nagging him to eat porridge instead of sugary cereal for years, and now that he does I want him to eat meat! He'll come round eventually...

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