Sunday, 4 October 2009


Picnics are so much less fuss the paleo way (as long as you've got the right stuff in the fridge). No making piles of sandwiches; just reach into the fridge and pull out several packets of cold meat. Take along some tomatoes and carrot sticks (I buy these ready-prepared) and some fruit and a bottle of water, and you're away. We did this today. Having said that, we went for a long walk before lunch, and before tucking into our parma ham and bananas, we had, er, an ice-cream. Oh well.

Got home really tired and not really in the mood to make tea, so did a really quick but massively healthy meal. We had fresh tuna steaks, which cook in about 5 mins, with green beans, carrots and broccoli. I buy the veg prepared for just these situations and cooked them all in the same pan - green beans first, add the carrots after a minute, then sit the broccoli on top after another couple of mins with just the stems in the water so that they half steam. They were all done perfectly at the same time. It would have been really boring without a sauce though, but this one's gorgeous and easy:

Home made tartare sauce
You will need:
Capers or caperberries
Mayo (I use Hellmann's)

Put some gherkins, an equal volume of caperberries and a big handful of curly parsley into a mini-blender with a dsp of mayo. Blend until chopped (I did it smooth but less blending probably gives a more interesting texture). Stir in a few more dsp mayo to taste - I used three more. Perfect with pretty much any fish.

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