Monday, 28 September 2009

Today's meals - Mon 28th Sept 2009

I'm not doing paleo breakfasts yet. I'll talk about that another time.

Lunch today was the left-overs of last night's cauliflower cheese. Not really paleo - dairy plus a bit of wheat-free flour to thicken the sauce. At the moment I'm trying not to be too dogmatic and ease myself in gradually! I also had half a packet of nuts and raisins, and an apple and a banana. Also a cup of tea with milk - I can tell you right now I'm never going to give that up!

Monday nights are always tight for time so I've planned a really quick tea - grilled mackerel with the leftovers of last night's veggies. Hope there will be enough, if not it'll be extra carrot sticks, tomato and salad all round. For pudding we've got a fresh pineapple, they are really cheap in the market at the moment, 60p or something.

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